When can I start loading my card through the Internet?

In order to be able to load the card by the Internet you should for the first time come to a ticket office with EM - card and purchase a monthly season ticket there. During this purchase a possibility of loading the EM-card by the Internet will be activated. Already for the consecutive month you will have possibility to load your EM - card by the Internet. Please note that loading up though Internet is possible for the same itinerary.

How information about Internet purchase will be activated on my EM-card?

Information about purchase through the Internet will be transmitted to validating machines on buses. During first use of your EM- card in the bus in the new period, after correct verification, ticket enrolls automatically.

What to do if validation machine doesn’t recognize ticket on my EM-card?

You should show driver the verification code received during Internet purchase. The verification code that you receive by e-mail or sms is confirming the purchase of the ticket through the Internet. We are suggesting you purchase your ticket earlier, no later than 2 days before start of the new period, so that all information is properly transmitted.

Can I charge up a monthly season ticket through the Internet?

Yes.  During first purchase of the ticket at the cashier desk it is necessary to show document proving your reduction title. The cashier will enter your data, reduction title included, and the expiry date, into the system. After that it will be possible to buy a reduced-fare ticket through the Internet for the consecutive month.

Can I buy a reduced-fare ticket through the Internet, if  I don't have a valid document with reduction title?

No, it is not possible.

What to do, when I received the new document with my reduction title ?

In that case you should go to a ticket office and show your new reduction title. The cashier will enter details of your new document into the system with its expiry date.

How to pay?

After introduction of the EM- card number you will be asked to give your  email or cell phone number on which we will send you confirmation of transaction. After verification of ticket and passenger data you will pass to the payment section. After payment you will receive your ticket by email or SMS.

Can I charge my EM-card through the Internet if I haven’t charge it for last month or longer?

No. You should reappear with the card in a ticket office and load it up there. Then possibility of loading through the Internet will be reactivated and it will be possible to load it through the Internet for the consecutive month.